Who We Are

Vumundzuku-bya Vana (Our Children’s Future) is a grassroots organization in Zonkizizwe, South Africa that assists children and youth affected by HIV/AIDS. VVOCF has set-up a children’s center to provide psychosocial support to children and youth made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS. The center provides a range of activities to help children and youth reach their full potential. This includes: education and assistance with health and nutrition, promoting academic excellence and life skills development, artistic expression, sport and physical activity, social responsibility, and communication and problem-solving skills.

VVOCF Objectives:

  1. Maintain a children’s center that will provide continual physical and psychosocial support to orphans and children made vulnerable by HIV-AIDS (OVC).

  2. Develop staff so that they can provide needed skills in the creation and maintenance of the Children’s Center.

  3. Work collaboratively with other NGOs/CBOs/FBOs to ensure a coordinated effort in serving the needs of OVC in Zonkizizwe.
  4. Maintain open and transparent relationships with all stakeholders concerned about the welfare of OVC in the community.

  5. Work collaboratively with OVC and their extended families (as is appropriate) to ensure they have a stake in their future development.

  6. Establish educational programming that will address high risk behaviors in the environment: teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, unprotected sex, crime, illiteracy, etc.

  7. Involve children and youth in community development, service oriented projects.

  8. Address practices that undermine gender equality and work tirelessly to ensure that girls and boys learn to fully respect and nurture one another as human beings with equal rights, material and non-material.


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